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Calling-Us MAX Free PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax TeleMessage MS-Outlook Plug-in Corvusfd
Calling-Us - Communication Suite Send SMS text messages, phone calls and faxes
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Calling-Us MAX Free Calling-Us MAX Free - Calling-Us - Unified messaging on your PC for voice, fax, e-mail and SMS



Calling-Us Professional is the unified messaging solution for highest claims. Here is a list of some features: Answering machines, message request, Voice-to-eMail, PC telephone, call forwarding, callback, callthrough, serial voice messages, serial fax, fax polling server, Fax-to-eMail, fax forwarding, fax notifications, serial SMS, SMS notifications, eMail-To-SMS, DTMF/Speech-supported navigation, connection, switching, eMail-forwarding, eMail-To-Fax, eMail-To-Voice, eMail-notifications, VIP-welcome, Web-info, Eurofile-data server, caller identification, and more... Please see www.media21.de/calling-us/com/features.html


Released by media21. Last updated on 09-March-2006


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Download Calling-Us MAX Free

PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax - eDoc-to-Fax driver creates virus-free fax files and automates email distribution



PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax driver is ideal for document imaging and electronic document delivery, and is especially useful for virus-free email distribution. This product converts Microsoft Windows documents into high-quality serialized or multi-page fax image files. (Trial key required) Do you need to i) distribute information in an online fax or email management solution? ii) send change-proof documents, quickly and reliably? If you answered yes, PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax 5.0 is your solution. This product was designed exclusively for high volume online fax and email management solutions like AT&T Web to Fax Service and for voice response services. It creates image files that are fax-ready for your fax service. Ideal for insurance appraisers sending documents to head office, or manufacturers submitting tenders for procurement, PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax 5.0 offers; i) File conversion into serialized or multi-page fax standard image files, quickly and reliably. ii) Automation - Simplify and speed up your work by creating a draft email message with the new image file already attached, for quick and simple distribution. iii) Automating output filenames and locations, to eliminate system prompts for these items. iv) Opening new image files automatically - in the default image viewer or in another program as soon as the file is created. v) Virus-free email distribution - Guarantee that recipients receive virus-free files, even if the source file or computer had a virus vi) Flexibility - the driver also supports the native language of your operating system: English, German, Japanese - or any other language For fast, efficient fax image file generation, choose PEERNET eDoc-to-Fax 5.0.


Released by PEERNET Inc.. Last updated on 09-February-2006


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Download PEERNET.DRV eDoc-to-Fax

TeleMessage MS-Outlook Plug-in TeleMessage MS-Outlook Plug-in - Send Emails as SMS text messages, phone calls and faxes from MS-Outlook


TeleMessage MS-Outlook plugin enables you to send Emails as SMS text messages, phone calls and faxes. You can also get Email notifications, meeting reminders and reply to Email on your mobile phone. It also enables you to attach voice files (Wave, MP3) you want to be played in voice calls, add documents (Word, Excel, PDF) and images (JPEG, BMP, GIF...) to send to fax machines.


Released by TeleMessage. Last updated on 15-December-2005


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Download TeleMessage MS-Outlook Plug-in

Corvusfd - Corvusfd Converts recorded fax communication into tiff image


Corvusfd Converts recorded wav files containing fax communication into tiff images. supports G3 upto V17.


Released by BTT Bilgi Teknoloji Tasarim Ltd. Last updated on 07-March-2006


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