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Colasoft Capsa Professional Page Extractor X360 Tiff Image & Fax Viewer ActiveX Control Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator
Comprehensive and Reliable Packets Sniffer Web data extraction tool Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator
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Colasoft Capsa Professional Colasoft Capsa Professional - Expert packets sniffer designed for Protocol Analysis and Network Diagnosis



Expert network analyzer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosis, Colasoft Capsa monitors the network traffic transmitted over a local host and a local network, helping network administrators troubleshoot network problems. With the ability of real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes your network transparent before you, letting you quickly and efficiently fix the network troubles. Colasoft Capsa supports monitoring multiple adapters (enterprise edition only), letting you view the traffic passing through your network via different adapters. Advanced analyzers provide more detailed information about network traffic, allowing you to view the analyzed data of email messages, FTP transfers and HTTP requests. Simple filters and advanced filters can narrow the target hosts, letting you quickly focus on suspect traffic and identify the source of network troubles. Statistics and graphs let you view network communications in various ways, bring you an overall and visual impression of your network. Diagnoses list network diagnosis events and provide possible reasons and solutions. Flexible and intuitive interface is the outstanding feature of Colasoft Capsa, you can easily switch from an overall statistics to the details of a specific network node, even a rookie user can manage it efficiently in a few moments.


Released by Colasoft Co., Ltd.. Last updated on 28-April-2006


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Page Extractor Page Extractor - Web data extraction tool. Extract email addresses, fax & phone numbers and m



Page Extractor is a professional data tool mining. The software extracts Email Addresses, Page Links, Image Paths, IP Addresses, Fax Numbers and Phone Numbers as well as custom data extraction with regular expressions.


Released by FUTUREALITY. Last updated on 31-December-1969


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X360 Tiff Image & Fax Viewer ActiveX Control - Imaging activex view,save,zoom,resize images,bmp,gif,jpeg,png,multi-page tif,fax


X360 Tiff Image & Fax Viewer Active OCX help you to view and save images of different formats include Bmp,Emf,Gif,Jpeg, Png,Tiff,multipaged Tiff,Wmf.Major functions include flip,rotate,resize and zoom the image,fully control the scroll action,draw text,convert color to grayscaled and blackwhite,get tiff tags information and Exif Data,provide hand tool to move image using mouse, provide selection tools to crop or copy partial image to clipboard,print the image.Supported Tiff compressions include CCITT Group3,Group4,LZW and Packbits RLE.


Released by X360 Software. Last updated on 13-April-2006


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Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator - Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator - Professionally created Fax Cover Sheets


This application makes printing Fax Cover Sheets just so easy. Most companies have a standard fax cover sheet, that is copied over and over, then everyone just hand writes it out and faxes it out. This does not portray a very professional image. This product saves User information that is very helpful if you have one person using your pc, or you have a need for multiple users. It also contains a database to save all your fax numbers too. Just click on the numbers database button, click on the name, click print and you are done. It really is as easy as that. Give it a whirl, it is fast and easy. (Fully functional) Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator is an advanced Win32 program . Registration is only $10.00 usd. Shareware Trial good for 30 days. Starre Enterprises, Ltd. www.starre.com Registration site: http://www.starre.com/register.html Home Page: http://www.starre.com Support: support@starre.com


Released by Starre Enterprises, Inc.. Last updated on 01-April-2005


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