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MarVoSym Integrated Notification System MarVoSym Integrated Notification System
Windows True Type Symbol Font MARVOSYM.TTF Integrated Notification System Windows True Type Symbol Font MARVOSYM.TTF Integrated Notification System
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MarVoSym MarVoSym - The Windows True Type Symbol Font MARVOSYM.TTF



The Windows True Type Symbol Font MARVOSYM.TTF is a valuable addition for any office or civil engineering purpose. It contains often-needed but rarely available symbols as the mysterious Estimated-Sign (e-symbol), Fax Machine, Answering Machine, Cellular Phone, Steel Profile Symbols, the original Euro Currency Symbol and lots more. In 2005 the font has been completely redesigned with Font Creator 5. The character sizes were fine-tuned, the line height corrected (no more problems with Microsoft Word). Postscript names were added - most of then were introduced by Thomas Henlich when he made the Postscript conversion some years ago. Multi-lingual setup program: German, English, French, Dutch.


Released by Dipl.-Ing. Martin Vogel. Last updated on 06-January-2006


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Integrated Notification System Integrated Notification System - The Integrated Notification System takes care of all your communication needs.



The Integrated Notification System is designed to take care of all your communication needs. It allows you to send messages to pagers, mobile phones (SMS), fax machines, as voice file or as E-mail. At the same time you can configure the application to handle all your incoming calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for CT (Computer Telephony), where the caller uses the phone keypad to enter values, can be created through the graphical script designer. Applications like Fax On Demand, SMS On Demand or Voice Mail are possible without any programming. A simple voice modem or voice board is all you need. Voice files can be recorded or created through a text-to-speech engine. You can also design interactive scripts to dynamically react on incoming SMS or e-mail messages. Scripts like SMS-to-Email or EMail-to-SMS are only some of the possibilities.


Released by MAW Consulting. Last updated on 27-December-2005


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