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RingCentral Fax Service

A secure, convenient and affordable alternative to stand-alone fax software

Plan 1: FAX 300

Plan 2: FAX 1000

Send, receive and broadcast up to 300 fax pages easily from an online account. Get additional pages at just 5.9˘ / page.

This plan offers internet faxing, and includes a toll free or local number, email delivery, notification and 300 pages per month.

Only $9.99/month or $7.99/month on a prepaid annual plan.

Receive everything included with the FAX 300 plan, but get 1000 free fax pages per month. Additional pages are available at a discount price of just 4.9˘ / page.

Only $24.99/month or $19.99/month on a prepaid annual plan.


with annual subscription

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with annual subscription

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Plan 3: FAX 2500

Receive everything included with the FAX 1000 plan, but get 2500 free fax pages per month. Additional pages are available at a discount price of just 3.9˘ / page.



with monthly plan

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Why RingCentral Fax?

RingCentral Fax is designed for busy professionals and small businesses to easily and affordably control your company’s communications.

All RingCentral Fax plans include many great features not available with competition.

Toll-Free or Local Fax Numbers

Choose a toll-free or local fax number to send and receive faxes to and from any fax machine in the world.

Receive Faxes as Email

Your faxes are delivered directly to your email inbox as soon as they are received, and are stored in your online account for easy access.

Send Faxes from Any Application

Quickly send faxes from any Windows application. Just click the RingCentral Fax icon on your application toolbar, or select it from the File menu.

Secure Faxing

Outgoing faxes are sent securely over an encrypted connection, while your incoming faxes are kept securely in your password-protected online account.

Edit and Sign Faxes Electronically

The acclaimed RingCentral fax editing software is included at no extra charge with your fax account. You can design custom cover sheets, preview, edit and print faxes, annotate and sign your faxes electronically.

Outlook Integration

RingCentral Fax integrates with Microsoft Office applications, allowing you to receive faxes directly to Outlook Inbox.

Fax Alerts

Never miss an important transmission! Get text messages on your cell phone or PDA alerting you to new faxes.

Detailed Fax Logs

A complete log of your faxes is stored in your Web-based account. You’ll see who called, the phone number, and the date, time, length, and result of the transaction.

Web-based Account Management

You can easily configure your account from the Web, view faxes that you’ve received and sent, and examine fax logs.

US Support

Customers love the fast and efficient service they get from our friendly customer service representatives.

Dedicated Fax Numbers

Every RingCentral number can be used for phone calls and fax; however, if you need an additional toll-free or local phone number for sending and receiving faxes, you can get a dedicated fax number.

Fax on Demand

Here’s a convenient way to quickly give prospects or customers a printed copy of documents such as listings or forms. Using Fax on Demand, callers can have the document faxed directly to their fax machine by dialing an extension and their fax number. You can also use this service to quickly fax your saved document to someone via your telephone.

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